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Cookies do different things, such as fast food, usually in the navigation between pages, increase the experience of your website. If a site does not allow cookies to be used, we think you're a new visitor, you go to a new page on the site every time - for example, when you enter your login information, and will move another page you agree, you can not connect.

Almost all sites use cookies so that the site can "remember" to improve the user experience. It might be time to visit (the "session cookie") or repeated visits (the "persistent cookies") are.

Use of this website is only required to follow the cookies Performance Analytics (analysis) site. These non-personal information, you can help us understand how to improve. The content of the page interests of all tourists

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The cookie contains no control, these applications if you need to verify this information. On the website of a third relevant part

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Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we change this policy, we will let you know, it changes our site. If the means of change, and other uses of your information, we will contact you. Then you can use the change, or both to another, collecting information such as your policy is to accept


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